We Live Here Now

Part One: The End Was Near “The key turned; the engine came to life. A smile, some goose bumps, hand on the shifter. Ahead of us lay a new life to be lived on our terms.” We’ve used those words to describe the moment we first left the confines of our traditional, picket fence lifestyle ...

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VW Vanagon High Top

Volkswagen Vanagon for Sale: Sold

In 2015 we attended two Overland events: The Overland Expo in Flagstaff, Arizona and the Northwest Overland Rally in Washington State. There we met other overlanders, some who had been on the road for over a decade living a life filled with adventure, experiences, and new friendships. After seeing multiple presentations by these people, seeing ...

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Live. Work. Wander.

A few years back when Jess and I were still in design school we started traveling regularly. First to New York City and then a few months later on a two week road trip around California. We’d traveled before, but only for short excursions and vacations. These road trips brought us closer, exposed us to new ...

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