Land Cruiser on Rose Spit Haida Gwaii

Where from Here

We had this dream, it was a sort of glimmer sparkling in our minds about traveling the world in a VW Syncro. We’d be renowned in some way, living a story we could tell our imaginary children about how their mom and dad traveled the planet in a temperamental 80’s van. Mom and dad climbed ...

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Are We Back?

So with all these recent post on the socials, does that mean we’re back? No. Yes. Kinda but not really.  Over the years, we’ve grown wary of social media and all its attendant and well documented pathologies both for the “audience” and the “content” creator. In truth, I find it an extraordinarily difficult eco-system to ...

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Travel Series Full Playlist

This is our full Travel Series from Season 1 all the way to what is currently publicly available. If you want to watch unlisted, non-public videos that cover our more recent travels in our Land Cruisers, consider supporting us on Patreon....

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We Live Here Now

Part One: The End Was Near “The key turned; the engine came to life. A smile, some goose bumps, hand on the shifter. Ahead of us lay a new life to be lived on our terms.” We’ve used those words to describe the moment we first left the confines of our traditional, picket fence lifestyle ...

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Dock on the Caribbean

Choosing a Road Trip Camera
Part One

So you're going on a road trip you want to get some rad photos. There’s an old adage that says the best camera to capture the moment is the one you have on you at the time. This series is intended to inform you on what cameras we've used on our many roadtrips....

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America the Beautiful

We stopped at a fuel station in Clallum Bay, Washington because Falkor was thirsty and Jessica needed a restroom. We were traveling with two guys, Dan and Ben, who were driving a Ford Ranger on a spare tire. They’d punctured a tire on a trail the previous day, and these gents, god bless ‘em, didn’t ...

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Van of My Dreams

The first time we met Hawk and Kenz we were outside a grocery store and the two of them just walked right up to us and gave us huge hugs. From then on, it was like we were brothers-from-another-mother/sisters-from-another-mister. Hanging with these two is like being on roller coaster of giggles and tickles. I’ll stop ...

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Syncro Westfalia Baja Mexico

Buying a Vanagon: Part I

It’s exciting to dream about living a nomadic life and to romanticize about your new Vanagon home. We’ve been there. Living in a Vanagon comes with an entire set of challenges. Chief among those is the ever present risk of breaking down. Constantly towing and fixing your rig can not only put a dent in ...

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