Land Cruiser on Rose Spit Haida Gwaii

Where from Here

We had this dream, it was a sort of glimmer sparkling in our minds about traveling the world in a VW Syncro. We’d be renowned in some way, living a story we could tell our imaginary children about how their mom and dad traveled the planet in a temperamental 80’s van. Mom and dad climbed ...

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Little Living Time Capsules

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve likely learned by now that Linus passed away Friday, September 25th. He’d been battling skin infections, painful cataracts, loss of mobility in his hind legs, and ever worsening dementia that left him searching night after night for a place to lay down. Jessica would have to get up ...

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America the Beautiful

We stopped at a fuel station in Clallum Bay, Washington because Falkor was thirsty and Jessica needed a restroom. We were traveling with two guys, Dan and Ben, who were driving a Ford Ranger on a spare tire. They’d punctured a tire on a trail the previous day, and these gents, god bless ‘em, didn’t ...

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Live Work wander and Bound for Nowhere

Cherohala Skyway and Beyond

It was autumn in the Southeast, warm but the breeze carried a current of cool air, crisp enough to remind me that soon I’d need to start taking allergy meds for the ragweed that was sure to begin blooming any day now. An alert came across my phone from Instagram. Direct message from OwenC. He ...

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Crossing NYC Intersection

Into the Breach

After a one-hour ride on the Metro-North Train from New Canaan, Conn., into New York City, N.Y., I disembarked the steel train car and trudged into Grand Central Station. The light pouring through two- or three-story glass windows reminded me that even here, the sun makes an appearance from time to time. Every morning for ...

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The Cosmonaut is Risen

If you’ve been following us on the Instagram (@liveworkwander), you know that our Airstream Argosy suffered a pretty tragic break down on our way from ATX to NYC. Somewhere in Mechanicsburg, PA—oh, the irony— our camshaft sheered and little bits of metal started circulating through our motor rendering our Argosy—The Cosmonaut (aka El Toro aka ...

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Because Why the Hell Not?

In case you’re wondering, dear reader, I would never ever do this. Never. Ever. Jessica, on the other hand, couldn’t reach down and grab this tarantula fast enough. I thought for sure psychopath Todd from Breaking Bad was around somewhere waiting to kill Jessica in cold blood but thankfully that didn’t happen. The psycho here was ...

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