Bound for Nowhere

We first met Mak and Owen at a coffee shop in Atlanta. They had reached out to us on Instagram to pick our brains about running a design business from the road and about the ins-and-outs of vanlife. We became fast friends and have gone on many an adventure since. When this interview was conducted, ...

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Ripley Vanagon Syncro

The Big Bend of Texas

We have been to the Big Bend of Texas four times. Once during June in 2013, again in November of the same year, again the following November, and then in late 2016. Going in June was kind of a mistake. We knew it would be hot but what we didn’t know is that it would be ...

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Because Why the Hell Not?

In case you’re wondering, dear reader, I would never ever do this. Never. Ever. Jessica, on the other hand, couldn’t reach down and grab this tarantula fast enough. I thought for sure psychopath Todd from Breaking Bad was around somewhere waiting to kill Jessica in cold blood but thankfully that didn’t happen. The psycho here was ...

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