katie snyder photography

Creative Profile: Katie Snyder

My name is Katie Snyder and I’ve been a photographer since 2003. I started out shooting anything and everything – I have since narrowed my focus to mostly weddings, portraits, and travel work. I’m based in Atlanta and have a fabulous creative team that help make everything run beautifully. Why did you decide to pursue ...

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Choosing a Road Trip Camera
Part Two

So, in Part One I discussed the benefits and drawbacks of using your iPhone and then of using your iPhone/Android paired with the Moment Lens and lastly I talked about the iPhone paired with the Moment Lens and Case. I really like that set up and have used it often on the road. Another set ...

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DJI Osmo

The DJI Osmo One

I bought the DJI Osmo 1 back in December of 2015. When I first saw it, I immediately fell in love with the device. It’s a handsome piece of gear that promises a lot in terms of stability, functionality and quality. I used it the following day in NYC where I walked with it and ...

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Mexican Worker

What Happens in Big Bend

This is Jesus, a Mexican national we met while at Big Bend. When he isn’t busy saving people from their sins, Jesus is on the banks of the Rio Grande selling trinkets and singing songs for passers-by in hopes of getting a little cash in return for his efforts. He also poses for portraits. And ...

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