Solar Panels on Rifle Cases

We often get asked to show more details of how we mounted solar panels to the roof boxes on the top of our Syncro. So, here’s a video Jorge made about it. We’re nothing if not accommodating. _________________ links and fun stuff: SKB 4719 Rifle Cases: *** Renogy Solar Panel: *** Music by ...

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Perspective is Key : S1 E5

We set out to live on the road to challenge ourselves and to grow from the experiences we’d be sure to encounter. The build on our Syncro tested us in ways we never thought possible. In this video we share a piece of one those experiences and what came of our time getting the transmission ...

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Ripley Vanagon Syncro

The Big Bend of Texas

We have been to the Big Bend of Texas four times. Once during June in 2013, again in November of the same year, again the following November, and then in late 2016. Going in June was kind of a mistake. We knew it would be hot but what we didn’t know is that it would be ...

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