Choosing a Road Trip Camera
Part Two

So, in Part One I discussed the benefits and drawbacks of using your iPhone and then of using your iPhone/Android paired with the Moment Lens and lastly I talked about the iPhone paired with the Moment Lens and Case. I really like that set up and have used it often on the road. Another set ...

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Live Work wander and Bound for Nowhere

Cherohala Skyway and Beyond

It was autumn in the Southeast, warm but the breeze carried a current of cool air, crisp enough to remind me that soon I’d need to start taking allergy meds for the ragweed that was sure to begin blooming any day now. An alert came across my phone from Instagram. Direct message from OwenC. He ...

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Getting Sh*t Done : Season 1 Episode 1

Our first Vlog entry After nearly a year of building out our Syncro for transcontinental travel, we’ve finally gotten to a point where we can start adding the finishing touches to our build out. From a secret storage compartment for tools to getting a computer that can read, diagnose and re-flash our engine’s computer system. ...

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Roadtrip Anthology

This video was done for a pitch for a large American automotive company. The idea was to show new car customers the kinds of adventures and journeys that await when buying their new car. Canon 7D :: Canon 50mm 1.4 :: Canon 24-70 2.8 :: Tamron 10-24 3.5 GoPro Hero Black Music by Tokyo Police ...

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5158.3 miles

On March 17 2012 Jessica and I set out across the country to chase down the colors in our dreams through fields and valleys, around rivers and cities, across mountains and deserts. Over the course of two weeks we covered 5158.3 miles, 17 states, 2 speeding tickets, we drove through a snow storm in the ...

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The Golden State

In December 2011 Jess and I took a trip to California and spent 2 weeks driving all over the state. From LA to San Diego, Big Bear, Sequoia National Forest and up to San Francisco then down the Pacific Coastal Highway. We were both awe struck by how beautiful so much of what we saw was. ...

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