Live Work wander and Bound for Nowhere

Cherohala Skyway and Beyond

It was autumn in the Southeast, warm but the breeze carried a current of cool air, crisp enough to remind me that soon I’d need to start taking allergy meds for the ragweed that was sure to begin blooming any day now. An alert came across my phone from Instagram. Direct message from OwenC. He ...

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Crossing NYC Intersection

Into the Breach

After a one-hour ride on the Metro-North Train from New Canaan, Conn., into New York City, N.Y., I disembarked the steel train car and trudged into Grand Central Station. The light pouring through two- or three-story glass windows reminded me that even here, the sun makes an appearance from time to time. Every morning for ...

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Bound for Nowhere

We first met Mak and Owen at a coffee shop in Atlanta. They had reached out to us on Instagram to pick our brains about running a design business from the road and about the ins-and-outs of vanlife. We became fast friends and have gone on many an adventure since. When this interview was conducted, ...

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Live. Work. Wander.

A few years back when Jess and I were still in design school we started traveling regularly. First to New York City and then a few months later on a two week road trip around California. We’d traveled before, but only for short excursions and vacations. These road trips brought us closer, exposed us to new ...

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