Monument Valley, Utah

Emergent Harmony

The horizon line is a sliver of marrow red and blood orange. It stretches across the thin bottom edge of the sky, arching downward, terminating at the edge of the earth. The valley below is on fire at the edges. Asleep and ablaze, the canyons here bathe in the pale light of dawn and mesas ...

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America the Beautiful

We stopped at a fuel station in Clallum Bay, Washington because Falkor was thirsty and Jessica needed a restroom. We were traveling with two guys, Dan and Ben, who were driving a Ford Ranger on a spare tire. They’d punctured a tire on a trail the previous day, and these gents, god bless ‘em, didn’t ...

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Yeti Rambler Drinkware

When we first hit the road, we invested in a Yeti cooler to keep our food and drinks cool. That worked for a little while, but given our constant opening and closing to access food and drinks we quickly learned that a fridge was in our future. So we said goodbye to Yeti…but just for ...

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Van of My Dreams

The first time we met Hawk and Kenz we were outside a grocery store and the two of them just walked right up to us and gave us huge hugs. From then on, it was like we were brothers-from-another-mother/sisters-from-another-mister. Hanging with these two is like being on roller coaster of giggles and tickles. I’ll stop ...

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Pax 2

Ok, real talk. I didn’t smoke pot for the first time until I was 25. When I finally did, it was awful. The smoking part that is. Being high was friggin awesome, but the taste of burning marijuana made me gag and cough and hurt my fragile throat from which my mellifluous voice ascends. Thereafter, ...

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Ketzal Organizer

Living in a small space, clutter can be the bane of your existence. This is especially true when you inherited obsessive cleaning habits from both sides of the ole family tree. Enter Ketzal organizers. They are hands down the most stylish junk drawer you’ll ever own. Ketzal organizers were developed by fellow van lifer Miles ...

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Solar Panels on Rifle Cases

We often get asked to show more details of how we mounted solar panels to the roof boxes on the top of our Syncro. So, here’s a video Jorge made about it. We’re nothing if not accommodating. _________________ links and fun stuff: SKB 4719 Rifle Cases: *** Renogy Solar Panel: *** Music by ...

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Our Wandering Rhythm

We met Tricia and Cody in March of 2016 when we all happened to be visiting Austin, Texas. They’re a couple enamored with life on the road and with each other. Like other overlanders, they’ve met the challenges of living on the road head on with the necessary can-do spirit that seems to inhabit all ...

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Live Work wander and Bound for Nowhere

Cherohala Skyway and Beyond

It was autumn in the Southeast, warm but the breeze carried a current of cool air, crisp enough to remind me that soon I’d need to start taking allergy meds for the ragweed that was sure to begin blooming any day now. An alert came across my phone from Instagram. Direct message from OwenC. He ...

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E05: Perspective is Key

We set out to live on the road to challenge ourselves and to grow from the experiences we’d be sure to encounter. The build on our Syncro tested us in ways we never thought possible. In this video we share a piece of one those experiences and what came of our time getting the transmission ...

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DJI Osmo

The DJI Osmo One

I bought the DJI Osmo 1 back in December of 2015. When I first saw it, I immediately fell in love with the device. It’s a handsome piece of gear that promises a lot in terms of stability, functionality and quality. I used it the following day in NYC where I walked with it and ...

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Crossing NYC Intersection

Into the Breach

After a one-hour ride on the Metro-North Train from New Canaan, Conn., into New York City, N.Y., I disembarked the steel train car and trudged into Grand Central Station. The light pouring through two- or three-story glass windows reminded me that even here, the sun makes an appearance from time to time. Every morning for ...

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