Chevy Astro Off Road

E04: The Syncro is Broken so We’re in an Astro

With our Syncro in the shop and the founders of Overland Bound in town from California, we were given the Mule Expedition Chevy Astro to take to Salmon La Sac campground in Washington. Our friend’s at Mule recommended against taking their Astro up a moderately difficult four-wheel drive trail but we needed to prove the ...

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Wandrly have always been an inspiration to us. When you see an entire family on the road making it happen, you stop, listen and learn. We sent them some interview questions some months ago and they were kind enough to provide us with some wildly entertaining answers....

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E03: Something’s Wrong with Second Gear

Our trip to the Olympic Peninsula in Episode Two revealed that our transmission had some serious problems. In this episode, we come to terms with exactly what’s wrong with the transmission but not before we get a super awesome, if complex, lithium battery system set up to provide us with ample house power. We get ...

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Qalo Wedding Bands

In October 2015 we found ourselves in Colorado visiting friends as a stopover on our way across the country for the holidays. Around that same time some big things happened. We decided to throw caution to the wind and purchase our Syncro, I got some big illustration commissions, projects were flowing in, and Qalo (pronounced ...

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Bound for Nowhere

We first met Mak and Owen at a coffee shop in Atlanta. They had reached out to us on Instagram to pick our brains about running a design business from the road and about the ins-and-outs of vanlife. We became fast friends and have gone on many an adventure since. When this interview was conducted, ...

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E02: First Trip in Our New* Syncro

After working for a year building our Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro, she was finally ready for her maiden voyage. We hooked up with our homies from Broke but Rich Overland and ventured to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state where we camped atop a mountain next to the coast, Jessica saved us all from dying a ...

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Patagonia Backpacks

Jessica and I have been rocking the Patagonia Fuego 32L and the Refugio 28L backpacks for 3 years on the road now and we have been pretty impressed with their quality and longevity. Let’s talk first about their styling. I’m a big fan of Patagonia’s logo. That typeface they use is tits. And placement of ...

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E01: Getting Sh*t Done

Our first Vlog entry After nearly a year of building out our Syncro for transcontinental travel, we’ve finally gotten to a point where we can start adding the finishing touches to our build out. From a secret storage compartment for tools to getting a computer that can read, diagnose and re-flash our engine’s computer system. ...

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Syncro Westfalia Baja Mexico

Buying a Vanagon: Part I

It’s exciting to dream about living a nomadic life and to romanticize about your new Vanagon home. We’ve been there. Living in a Vanagon comes with an entire set of challenges. Chief among those is the ever present risk of breaking down. Constantly towing and fixing your rig can not only put a dent in ...

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Buying a Vanagon: Part II

Falkor, our 2wd Vanagon, started out as a seven-passenger, non-camper, tin-top model that we purchased for $5k. After a few months living in the van as a tin-top we decided to put a high-top on him and it changed the game forever. Our advice to anyone looking to live in a Vanagon is to buy the cheapest, non-rusty tin-top model they can find and add a high top....

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VW Vanagon High Top

Buying a Vanagon: Part III

In our previous two posts we discussed some basics about the VW Vanagon, buying one and what to consider when outfitting for liveability. In this post, we want to go over what sorts of minimal and not-so-minimal upgrades you can do to your van. We are going to rate these upgrades on a scale of ...

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Teva Boots

A few years back, Jorge relented from his life long hatred of all things boots and bought me a pair of Teva De La Vina boots for Christmas. We’ll call them his gateway boots. Since then, I’ve been wearing these things pretty much non stop any time the temperature drops below 85°F. They’re made from waterproof ...

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