Toyota Land Cruiser Troop Carrier For Sale – Deposit Taken

Our Land Cruiser Troop Carrier is for sale. Price is $115,000. Read on to find out more...unless you're a tire kicker.

Our Troop Carrier is for sale. It is currently in Menden, Germany being rebuilt and refurbished. Once finished, it will then be reimported into North America. Visit Maltec to learn more about their builds here.


      • The 70 Series Troopy body will be mounted to a fully restored 80 Series chassis (see additional photos).
      • Fully rebuilt axles and custom suspension rated to the weight of the truck to ensure ride comfort. Coil-over suspension on the front and back as per 80 Series Land Cruiser standards
      • Full rebuild of its 4.2L inline 6 turbo diesel engine (1HDT)
      • Full rebuild of H151F (5 speed) gearbox and transfer case
      • Complete water system overhaul for easy winterization and ability to monitor capacity (26gal capacity) and on board hot water with shower nozzle.
      • ARB front bumper (will be sand blasted and powder coated)
      • Rear bumper with tire swing and storage for 1 jerry can, shovel, hammock mounts, and propane tank (bumper will be sand blasted and powder coated)
      • Long range fuel tank (size TBD)
      • New forged aluminum wheels from Braid
      • Sound deadening in cab
      • Completely new paint job (yellow) and refurbishing of carbon fiber pop top, hood and window delete panels. All decals currently on vehicle will be removed.
      • The interior layout will remain the same but will be refurbished
      • Optional for buyer are new seats (you’re going to want them) and an AC system at extra cost to be discussed with Maltec.


      • Front, rear, and center locking diff lock (part of the 80 Series build)
      • Warn Zeon 10-S winch with synthetic line and Factor 55 Flat Link
      • Carbon fiber pop top with integrated bed for 2
      • On board ARB dual air compressor
      • 33” Toyo MT 255/85R16 (will have new tires when delivered)
      • Rhino Rack Batwing awning. The awning has some small deficiencies that are easily remedied (the legs for the awning don’t lock)
      • Main fuel tank is 25 gallons, long range tank is TBD. Likely the vehicle will have around 900 miles of range.
      • On board hot water heater with 2 gallon tank
      • 26 gallon fresh water tank
      • 2 burner propane stove
      • 2 gallon propane tank (not 100% certain it’s 2 gallons as the max we’ve ever filled it was a around 1.5 gallons)
      • Sink for washing dishes, brushing teeth, and filling pots for cooking
      • 30qt top loading fridge
      • Rear door has folding table perfect for an outdoor Partner stove
      • All KC lights shown in photos will remain on vehicle. (Gravity LED headlights and Carbon POD HID)
      • 2 new maxtrax are included
      • 300 AH LifeBlue lithium battery system with approximately 90% life left on the battery system (4,500 cycle left on it ~ 6yrs of life or more). Batteries charge either from alternator or solar power and there is a NOCO battery charger and maintainer for use with shore power.
      • 320w flexible solar panels on the roof.
      • 300w pure sine wave inverter
      • On board Espar diesel heater that keeps the living space nice and warm
      • Plenty of indoor storage in cabinets, under seats, and in pouches mounted to wall and under bed
      • All the windows (including windshield) have Lumar ceramic tint on them to help reduce heat in the cab.


      • About 8 years ago this truck was put on it’s side in the Sahara causing minimal damage that required some bondo work on the passenger side
      • The images featured here show the truck on a 70 series chassis. This will be changed to a restored 80 series with coil-over suspension all the way around and fully rebuilt 80 series drivetrain. 
      • This truck is being restored as it is. That means that it will be repainted in its yellow color, the interior living space will be refreshed but not redone or reconfigured, and the on-board power set up will remain as it is currently wired. 
      • Photos shown of the vehicle show it in a number of different states. Some have it with the different LED lights on the front and boxes on the roof while others have it with decals on the paint etc. For the sake of clarity, the truck will have no decals, no boxes on the roof, no LED light bars, but it will have the KC HID Carbon PODS (with the yellow covers).

The price will be $115,000. This asking price is $30,000 less than a “new” Maltec North America Spec Troopy which are built exactly how ours is being built but with a new style body and a completely new interior fit out. Of note however, is that this truck will have many onboard systems like lithium battery, hot water, a winch, and a number of other things that do not come with new Maltec builds.

Maltec will personally handle and legally certify the import of the vehicle to ensure it abides by all applicable US or Canadian import laws. Upon import and VIN verification, the vehicle will be registered in Colorado where buyer can come to pick up the truck.

If you’re interested in the truck, we are taking deposits on a first come first serve basis. Once a deposit has been submitted, work on the truck will begin. Deposits are non-refundable and a minimum $5000 deposit to lock in the truck is required. Interfacing with Maltec on the build progress will be the sole responsibility of buyer and Maltec.

You can watch a video about this truck here: Toyota Land Cruiser 78 Series Troop Carrier Walkaround

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3 years ago

Why are you selling?

Stefan Kunze
Stefan Kunze
2 years ago

Hey Guys, I am a big of your stories and videos and especially your Troopy.
Would you consider selling the truck here in Germany as well?